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Medicare Product Planning - Medicare secondary insurance is so important to your savings and asset protection. Senior Family Alliance is here to teach you the “A-B-C’s and even the D’s” of Medicare… What’s your Co-pay/Co-ins? What doctors and hospitals can you visit? What drug plans would fit you the best now, next year, and there after? Medicare coverage costs affect our monthly discretionary money and how we spend time with our families. Are you getting the “biggest bang” for your Medicare $Buck$? We explain the Medicare gaps in the Part-C Advantage Plans, dental, vision, and hearing coverage. Remember: your "Medicare-life" requires annual monitoring and cost review. Our alliance is appointed with 11 Medicare providers offering 100's of Medicare healthcare plans. Our promise to all Medicare Members is: straight, un-biased, non-company affiliated advice and consultation relating only to your healthcare suitability.

Tax Planning/Forecasting – Give it to Uncle Sam or spend it on your family and favorite charity? Senior tax planning is the not same as for younger people's, There are several senior tax issues that only apply to people of Social Security age. Avoiding retirement tax mistakes with calculation and taxation of IRS required minimum distributions (RMDs), gift taxation, new tax laws, dividends, ordinary income, capital gains, medical deductions, your retirement income plans, short & long term gains, and the dreaded Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) are all possible senior taxation issues. Senior Family Alliance has the training and experience helping you to always minimize your tax burdens while watching your future tax landscape. SFA will help you develop a more purposeful relationship with your CPA tax accountant. 

Income Planning/Forecasting – What will your retirement pay checks be? Annuities offered through the world's leading and oldest financial institutions are available through Senior Family Alliance (SFA) via Tarkenton Financial. These financial instruments meet the safety needs of today's aging, older population in the 50-plus age group. We offer an extensive provider list of the oldest, safest, “A” plus-rated providers that can rival FDIC safety. A full complement of annuity types, each appealing to seniors' and “soon-to-be” seniors’ unique safety and income requirements are provided through SFA. These are not the costly, "VARIABLE" fluctuating annuities with the no guarantee or mutual fund-type offered by your stock broker. We allow you to be “in the market” without the risk of principal or loss of your gains. We can show about tax-free income producing products that are double guaranteed. We plan for your retirement SAVING-SECURITY-DIGNITY.

Long Term Care (LTC) Planning - With the average cost of nursing home care in excess of $75,000 per year, chances are you may be considering investing in long-term care insurance. Senior Family Alliance provides you with access to long-term care insurance policies through many of the industry's leading providers. SFA offers LTCi through Trans America, John Hancock, Mutual of Omaha, OneAmerica, and Genworth. We can show you how to avoid state government healthcare reconciliation, thus protecting your children's and grand-children's inheritance. We discuss with you alternate funding methods for your elder-care. We also use the dual-purpose LTC Annuities, covering both spouses simultaneously, and then passing to the children and grand-children. We can even show you how to leverage what you have already saved just in-case you need specialized care at home, in a assisted living community, or skilled nursing home. 

Health and Life Insurance Planning - Life Insurance is not only just for young families. It can be just as important to seniors in assuring the transfer of wealth of future generations. Just imagine life insurance paying all of your state and federal "death-taxes." Cash-Value Life Insurance can sometimes provide tax-free income or be an elder-healthcare resource during retirement years. SFA represents a long list of the oldest/safest companies. We offer a range of life insurance products that include: Life Insurance Trust policies, Single Premium, Second Spouse to pass, and Equity Indexed Universal Life. We understand the needs of the affluent seniors or the person simply relieving the family the burden of funeral costs. SFA offers temporary pre-Medicare, spousal health coverage for the early retiring couple. Life insurance cash value and it's greater than CD interest is one of the last places to avoid income taxation.

Trust and Estate Planning - Trust and Estate planning is making sure that all of your assets; your money, property, insurance proceeds and personal belongings go to the individuals and organizations that are most important to you. It’s about legal tax avoidance and making sure your legacy for your family is not depleted by taxation. What purpose do you want your financial legacy to serve…..Financial security for your spouse, family, loved ones, or even partially to a charity? Senior Family Alliance will help you analyze and prioritize, and then start the implementation of a trust and estate plan for your family legacy. We are not Attorneys and can not practice law, however, our Pre-Estate Discovery Process can save you hundreds in hourly legal fees. The Senior Family will only recommend Estate attorneys who specialize in Estate Planning with 95% of their work in estate law. 

Reverse Mortgage Planning - A reverse mortgage allows a senior homeowner 62 years of age and older to exchange a portion of the equity in their home into a tax free monthly income while they continue owning, holding title, and living in their senior family home. It is the most important decision a Senior can make regarding their home and their heirs. Senior Family Alliance will spell out all the pros and the cons for your family’s special situation, then let you and your family decide. We answer big questions; “How does this affect our home's equity, how will it affect what we give the kids, and how can these funds finance our senior healthcare?” SFA will only recommend FHA, government approved home equity conversions. We are affiliated with the best mortgage brokers.  

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I work for Seniors with all the Medicare Plans & Sr.Financial Planning... I saw what was happening in the homes of senior families and sacrifices seniors made for their prescriptions & health coverage. So I built a Saving & Educational place for my Seniors & their Families. I had my 1st Medicare Plan job in 1979. I worked for some large Wall Street firms years ago, there I was educated in senior's finance/safe investing, finished my CFP educational requirement in 01'. Now, I am a Plan Broker representing more 172 Medigap-Sups, Plan C Advantage, & Drug Plans. Now, I just apply my education & skills to benefit "Senior Families".. From Federal Housing to Assisted Living to Golf Course Patios, it's the same mission: Education & Healthcare; bringing SAVINGS-SECURITY-DIGNITY. We welcome comments on any posts. Remember, this is a WWW platform so protect your identity, you can post anonymously. Call us Toll-Free 855-SENIOR6 for private help. THE SENIOR FAMILY ALLIANCE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE U.S.GOVERNMENT, STATE DHS, OR MEDICARE. ONLY COMPENSATED BY THE PROVIDER COMPANIES OF THE PLANS. PLAN DETAILS PRESENTED UNDER MEDICARE SOA RULES.