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YOU ARE NOT ALONE, MOST FAMILIES SPENT THEIR EARNINGS ON THEIR HOMES, THE KID'S & COLLEGE, & RETIREMENT SAVINGS. now you can leverage your accomplishments for your 70% risk of senior care.

The Newer Approach: 
Asset-based long term care coverage, simply speaking, is an old traditional insurance policy with a long-term care rider attached. It's an alternative to traditional long-term care that offers the opportunity to multiply your investment dollars to cover long-term care and other late-in-life medical expenses. These are an effective, secure strategy for planning for medical care down the road. These eliminate the concern of throwing away money on an policy that may go unused. That's right, it's a hybrid product offering that is a safe and no-risk. It's always available to you & your family. It can also be used as a retirement income vehicle if the LTC features are not needed. It's for Savings, your Estate, Nursing Home, it's for Assisted Living, Home Care, or Day Care ...some contracts even can cover both spouses at once. If it's never used for you care the un-used principal and cash value can even be passed to the policy holder's spouse and heirs or to build your estate for the kids and grands.

Leveraged Asset Multiplier: Your money gets you a larger LTC benefit. Sometimes up to 4-5 times your investment. Because with asset-based long-term care insurance, a $50,000 principal, cash-value can could possibly generate a long-term care insurance policy of $200,000. The principal and cash value is always there for you to reclaim. But it can net larger returns if you leave it untouched, generating growth for your old age. So if a 65-year-old puts in $50,000, it could also generate a $90,000 death benefit to your heirs. (*based on time & compounding, actual LTC & Life coverage is based on health status and underwriting)

Taxation: Self-insured LTC coverage offings a guaranteed death tax-free benefit while maintaining the your savings, in case you need special old-age LTC care. Also, the LTC benefits are 100% tax-free, so just imagine all your income spent on living expenses being non-taxable!. No longer does LTC have the "Use it or Lose it" image. (*taxation will vary per product type and IRS code)

Very simply: Asset-based long-term care policies work by leveraging existing assets to help pay for the financial risks of long-term care expenses only if they are needed, otherwise they are passed to the family. They offer tax benefits and have simple estate planning benefits. The cash value and your principal can always be borrowed from or spent in case of any emergency. 
(*withdrawals and loans lessen LTC coverage and Death benefit)

*Please aware, This type of LTC is only meant stay on par with inflation and guaranteed investments. The death and multiplied healthcare benefits are non-taxable. This is the last-to-use protective investment a client should own and use, it is a near end of life, health risk management. and estate financial tool.

*For your protection: The Senior Family only represents or recommends AAA, AA, A Standard-Poor's rated companies. 

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Request a copy of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, LTC Buying Booklet, "A Shopper's Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance." 


Or see, download, or bookmark the above guide now:


The Real Facts:
LTC rates are now the lowest cost & you are now at your healthiest
Stats say, 70% of seniors will need some type of long term senior care
The average annual US nursing home expense is $85,000/year & is rising 
Medicare Part A only offers 100 days/yr. of nursing home care w/lifetime limits
You can not wait until you are sick and/or diagnosis with a chronic illness to shop
State Medicaid repayment laws will take your family's last assets to pay your LTC bills

See: State Health and Medicaid Reconciliation and Cost Recovery: 

The Concept Illustration:

** Hypothetical illustration, products vary in interest rates and compounding methodology. LTC products vary in the coverage amounts. This is only a conceptual diagram. The $100,000 is only an example, typical minimums are $50,000. Death benefits and LTC benefits are reduced by withdrawals and loans.  

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